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  • As of Wednesday September 22nd, 2021, ETC requires all members of the public aged 12 and over attending events in our facility to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19, which means at least 14 days have past since your final dose of an approved COVID vaccine; or be unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for medical reasons.
  • Along with government issued ID, all patrons must be able to show proof of full vaccination upon entry, or physician issued letter of medical exemption.
  • Please know that all our ETC Members (actors, crew and those staffing the front of house) are also all fully vaccinated.
If you arrive at the theatre with tickets for a show,
but cannot provide us with proof of you being fully vaccinated
you will not be allowed into the building and you will forfeit your ticket.


  • All patrons attending an event at Elmira Theatre must wear a face mask at all times when in the building.
  • All of our ETC members running the show will also be masked, except for actors who are on the stage.
  • Audience seats are arranged in pods of 2 and 4, with a couple of larger 6 seat pods.  Social distancing of 6 feet is maintained between these seating pods, so you can feel very safe while enjoying our shows!
  • Due to COVID safety restrictions the bar will not be open at this time.




  • The button below will take you to KW Tickets, where you can buy tickets online for Elmira Theatre Company. 
  • You will need to select a pod of 2, 4, or 6 seats, depending on how many people are in your party.  The people sitting together in a pod of seats must be in the same “COVID Bubble” because the seats will be together.
  • The picture to the right here is what you will see on KW Tickets.  Do not click the “FIND TICKETS” button, instead choose whether you want 2, 4, or 6 seats and click the appropriate line in the green circle.
  • If you are buying for more than one group of people that is just fine, you can add another pod of seats to your order.
  • If your party has a different number of people in it, other than 2, 4 or 6, or you need accessible seating, or if you have any trouble at all getting tickets please call KW Tickets at 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977 and they will be able to help you.
  • You will not need to show a ticket at the Elmira Theatre door when you arrive for your show, you will simply need to tell the ticket taker whose name the tickets were bought under and we will show you to your seats.


  • Call KW Tickets at 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977.
  • If you need 1, 3 or 5 tickets in one pod you will need to call KW Tickets for them to assign your seats.
  • If you need accessible seating for someone in a wheelchair or who is hard of hearing please call KW Tickets and tell them you need accessible seating and they will be able to get you floor levels seats right by the stage (still 6 feet from the stage for safety).


Our ticket price includes the applicable taxes but some purchases may be subject to other fees, as described below.


$25.00 Due to uncertainty with the pandemic we will only be selling tickets to one show at a time for now, no subscription packages this season.

  • There are NO FEES for customers who purchase tickets in person at the KW Tickets Box Office window.
  • All online or phone orders are subject to a $2 order fee.
  • All online or phone orders are subject to a $3 per-ticket fee.
    For orders of 8 tickets or more take advantage of our per-ticket fee being capped at $18 only when you order by phone.