Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. This list will grow as we get more questions so if you have a new question, this is the place to check first. To view an answer simply click on the question. If you are still unable to find the answer to your question please e-mail info@elmiratheatre.com and we will do our best to answer it.

What are ETC's COVID-19 protocols?

ETC is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our patrons and members.  We have created extensive COVID procedures which our outlines in our COVID-19 Safety Policy.  Click here for all the details.

If I buy tickets for a show and then test positive for COVID can I get a refund?

Yes, if you buy tickets and then cannot attend the show because you test positive for COVID we will refund your tickets with no fee.  If you have tickets and start showing symptoms of COVID just before attending ETC you will not pass the self-assessment or be able to enter the theatre.  We would be very happy to try to exchange your tickets for a future performance if it turns out you do not have COVID and feel better.  To exchange tickets or get a refund call KW Tickets at 1-800-265-8977.

Can I exchange my tickets?

Yes! Tickets may be exchanged for another night or even another show, subject to availability. All ticket exchanges are handled by contacting KW Tickets and may be subject to a service fee. 36 hours notice is required for exchange of any dinner theatre tickets.

Is there a dress code?

No shoes, no shirt, no service! Other than that you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. That being said most people that attend our show wear business-casual clothing.

Who do I contact if I have any questions relating to tickets?

Most questions can be answered by KW Tickets. You can visit their FAQ’s page here or give them a call at 519.578.1570, or toll-free at 1.800.265.8977. If you are still unable to get an answer to your questions, please contact our ticketing department by e-mailing tickets@elmiratheatre.com.

What is a "PROMO" Code?

The ETC Ticket Dept., can set-up a PROMO Code so that members of a group can buy individual tickets, instead of one person organizing and paying for all the tickets. Group members using the pre-arranged PROMO Code online will be taken directly to seats held for them on the specific performance dates. Tickets can also be purchased by telephone by providing the PROMO Code to the Box Office Staff. E-mail tickets@elmiratheatre.com to arrange for a PROMO Code for your group.

Can I attend a Dinner Theatre show date without buying the dinner?

No show-only tickets are advertised for sale on Dinner Theatre Dates. That being said, our opening Friday night and both Thursday performances in November are available for show-only tickets. Subject to seating availability, customers who missed/forfeited their Dinner Theatre tickets due to personal reasons, are allowed to watch the after-dinner performance on another dinner night. Please contact our ticket manager to confirm what is available: tickets@elmiratheatre.com.

I tried to buy 7 tickets online but I wasn't allowed to. Please help!

Not to worry! This is an unavoidable quirk of our online sales programs. The simplest way to overcome this is to phone KWTickets at 519.578.1570, or toll-free at 1.800.265.8977. The Box Office staff there will easily be able to sell you the seats you are looking for. Since our tables are set-up to seat 8 people our online system will not allow you to purchase 7 seats if it will leave the extra 1 seat empty.

Can I purchase Subscriber packages online?

Unfortunately there is currently no way for us to automate the mix-and-match capabilities needed to sell Subscriber packages online. Box office staff at KW Tickets are happy to sell you Subscriber packages of your choice. You can reach them by calling 519.578.1570, or toll-free at 1.800.265.8977.

Is Elmira Theatre Company a registered charity?

Yes. ETC is a registered Not-for-Profit group. For donations of $15 or more, a tax receipt can be issued to you.